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I'm 22, from the uk, have one horse.


For sale:
Captain Krützmann

13 year old Holsteiner gelding.

Numerous top 10 placings in Grand Prix competition, as well as Young Rider Team Silver and Individual 5th, jumping 4 out of 5 clean rounds. Successfully competed at Devon, Indoors, Lake Placid, HITS, American Invitational, WEF, and European in 1.45+ competitions. As well as 6 bar competitions in Europe as a 7 year old.
Puppy dog personality with all the scope in the world. Currently showing 1.50m+ with amateur rider. Bomb proof with the best brain and temperament. Can take a joke at the biggest of jumps and never punishes the rider. Truly the horse of a lifetime and best first 1.60 horse, known as CK around the circuit with phenomenal reputation.

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Discussing George Morris…. Ha

Discussing George Morris…. Ha

ride-with-honor asked: I love your blog. :)

Thank you! It’s so lovely to receive a compliment every once in a while :)